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What’s a microsite?

As the name implies, it’s a bite-sized website. A microsite is a brand-specific website that you would use to promote specific products, events, or campaigns. This one-page website should be full of information aimed at engaging as many users as possible. The content on this page should be fun and interaction-based. This will help your brand connect with users.

pros and cons of a microsite

 Like almost anything else in the marketing world, microsites have pros and cons. The pro is that this type of website can help your visitors focus on your marketing campaigns, cause, or event. By sending your visitors to a specific microsite, you can capture their full attention without any distractions from other pages on your site. 

The con of a microsite is that it could confuse your visitors. Allow us to explain… a new user coming across your brand may unintentionally reach your microsite. Yes, this first-time visitor will learn about campaign-specific information, but they will not find the details that they were initially looking for. If they are not able to reach your main website easily, they may decide to shop elsewhere. 

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the average human attention span lasts for only eight seconds

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Our microsite solution

Microsites are a great tool for business growth, but they have to be used wisely. You want all of the pros without the cons. That is why, before starting on your microsite, we ask questions like…

  • Who will visit your microsite?
  • Why will they visit the microsite?
  • How will you attract your target audience to visit your microsite?
  • What will drive them to participate in your microsite’s campaign or event?

Once we have an understanding of your desired goals for your microsite, we begin the creative process. We keep in mind things like gamification, navigation, media, and your call-to-action.

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