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What is copywriting

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is an important element of advertising and marketing. It’s the process of writing persuasive words (known as copy) that inspire or motivate people to take a specific action. 

When you open a magazine and there’s a full-page advertisement selling perfume, the words on that page are the result of copywriting. When you go to a website that prompts you to buy something, the words on that page are the result of copywriting.

How does copywriting impact your business?

Good copy sellsQuality copywriting crafts a story and entertains its readers. Not only does it resonate with readers, but it causes them to take action. It allows you to promote your product or business in a way that will pull in vast audiences.

Good copy transforms products into must-haves – Well written copy is a tool that allows you to accentuate your products’ unique features and benefits. You know your products’ advantages, but it takes the skill of copywriting to give them a new twist that will stimulate the imagination of your audience and make them crave what you have to offer.

Copywriting impact

8 out of 10 people only read headlines

Copywriting solution

Our copywriting solution

Need assistance writing your copy? Crecer Digital Social works with a team of skilled copywriters that can transfer your thoughts into writing. These copywriters study your specific audience and understand their needs and desires. They strategize a way to best connect with your audience. 

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