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What is listing and review management

What is listing & review management?

Listing management is the process of continuously updating, publishing, and maintaining a business’ location data and contact information across online directories, websites, and other customer-facing platforms.

Review management is the process of monitoring customer reviews posted about your brand on websites, search engine, or social media channels. An efficient customer review management strategy can help you tackle negative (and fake) reviews and promote positive ones to build a positive brand image.

The importance of listing & review management?

Your business’s listing information is critical to maintaining and promoting your business’s online presence. Without consistent and accurate contact information, it’s impossible for potential customers, web crawlers, or search engines to find, verify, and promote your business.

Online reviews provide real-time feedback from your customers on your products and services enabling you to better connect with customers and offer the right support or response. Additionally, monitoring negative reviews helps you recognize the business problems faced by your current or prospective customers and lets you improve your business offerings.  Did we mention that positive reviews improve trust and confidence in your brand and serve as free advertising for your business?

Importance of listing and review management

60% of consumers say that negative reviews made them not want to use a business.

Listing and review management solution

Our listing & review management solution

Is your business information correct on all of the web pages that it is listed on? Have you replied to all of your reviews and tried to correct poor experiences? If you answered no to one of these questions, don’t sweat it! Crecer Digital Social can help you manage your business listings and online reputation. We know that this process is time-consuming and often overlooked, so why not allow us to take on this task for you? 

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